Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Anna Joy - 9 Months

I am nine months old today and...

...Mommy cannot believe it has been nine whole months!
...do you see that thing in my mouth? Mommy had to fish it out. She spends a lot of time doing that. Because I am more effective than any vacuum cleaner!
...I am pulling up on things and thinking about what to do next.
...I still nurse once or twice a day.
...I still have not cut a single tooth.
...I want to be held.
...no, I want to be put down.
...I have a great set of lungs. No problems there.
...my hair just gets curlier on top every day.
...I get excited just by the sight of the bathtub! My arms and legs start going and won't stop until I am playing in the water!
...I couldn't care less about the swimming pool.
...love to eat 'muffs' (puffs).
...I love to eat ice cream.
...I love to eat peaches and strawberries and cantaloupe and hamburger and sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs and chocolate and broccoli and carrots and mango and bananas and...
...well, I just love to eat.
...Mommy still hasn't put shoes on my delicate little feet.
...I am learning what ' no touch' means. This does not make me very happy.
...I love to play in the grass.
...I love to pull at the grass.
...I love to eat the grass.
...I graduated from the infant seat to a big seat.
...I still don't like being in the car seat.
...I like to topple over the waste baskets and paw through the paper.
...Mommy is oh-so-glad that the kitchen trash hides under the sink.
...I like to pet the cat.
...I like to pull the cat's tail.
...I like to chew on the cat's tail.
...the cat is learning to make himself scarce when I am outside.
...I love, love, love to be outside.
...one of my favorite activities is to be put in the Moby or the BJorn and go for a walk with Mommy or Daddy.
...I love to be pushed around in a stroller by my siblings.
...I like to eat. Did we cover that?
...I still nap at least twice a day. Sometimes three times a day.
...it's tough to be a baby.


The Bouldins said...

Sweet girl. You're doing such a good job growing up!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

That first picture is just too precious!