Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chatty Cathy

It was a bit quieter than usual on our way home from church this evening. The older two kids rode home with Joshua, leaving me with the little girls. I thought they would both sack out, but after Anna screamed for the first twenty minutes or so of the ride, I gave up that thought.

Your laughing because I said 'quieter than usual' in that first sentence then mentioned the twenty minute scream in the last sentence, aren't you? It's okay...this is the season of life I am in. The one marked by the definition of quieter meaning only one screaming child rather than two loud (fighting or just happily noisy) voices, one toddler rock star groovin' to her own version of the Alphabet song, and one screaming child.

It's all relative, people.

The screaming child did finally give it up, just as we turned on to 65 South. That is when I heard Elizabeth. Knowing her, she had been merrily chatting away the whole ride, and I had just missed it. Due to the other noise in the car. But as Anna started quieting, I could hear Elizabeth chatting it up big time.

'Wook at duh sky, Mommy! Ih have geen and puuhpuhl and red and o-inge and bwuu and stripies in ih!'

'Where did duh moon go?'

'I tee it, Mommy, I tee duh moon!!!'

'One, doo, fwee, foe, five, tix, teben, eigh, nine, ten, eweben, telve, foeteen, foeteen, fiteen, sitteen, setteen, ateteen, nihteen, dwenty!'

'I dot piggies ih my hair, Mommy. Doo of dem, ih my hair.'

'Yoo wash my bwanket in duh was-sir doday, Mamma? It get cween?'

'Sing Jesus Woves Me adain, Mamma! I sing it wif yoo. O-tay?'

'Dat was a big tuck, Mamma. Ih went fast!'

'I don' hab a window, Mommy.'

'Hab a nack when we det home, Mamma? Do eet, oh, pweez, Mommy?'

'What dat?'

'Dare dose Dom and Gacie and Daddy!'

She kept up a steady stream of conversation and singing and counting the entire rest of the way home. When we pulled in the drive, we sat for a few moments, singing another song or two. Then she stated very matter of factly...

'I done. Go in and eet now.'

That child is my Sunshine, folks. She thrives on smiles. Giving as well as receiving.

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Anonymous said...

My sweet Liz! Memum loves you!!!!!