Sunday, July 26, 2009

All I Had Was A Razor

On Saturday, Elizabeth and Sarah Grace and I headed to a wedding. I was dashing about trying to be sure that I had all that I needed for the three of us for an afternoon out when I grabbed my iPhone. It was dead. Oh. So. Dead. I turned to my mother in law and asked to borrow hers...given my recent track record, I felt it best to have a phone with me. One never knows when this kind of stuff will strike!

I tucked what used to be my Sassy Pink Razor in my purse and ran out the door, knowing that I had all the things I would need in an emergency. Drinks, diapers, wipes, change of clothes for each girl, cell phone. Check, check, check.

Don't misunderstand me, I was very thankful that I could borrow the phone. And I used to love this phone. It was pink. Not being a girly-girl, it cracked me up that I got excited about a pink phone.

The operative phrase there is 'used to love'.

Now, I am madly infatuated with the iPhone. Sad to say that my loyalties were converted that quickly. I reached for my tech savvy phone several times though out the afternoon for pictures, internet access, or to simply call someone.

Thing is, I didn't have my phone. So I didn't get a picture of Sarah Grace flinging herself at the bride (whom she had never met) and the look of delightful awe and satisfaction at having hugged the 'princess' because all I had was a Razor. I was saddened when I was asked about my kids and I reached for my phone to show off pictures of them, only to find that all I had was a Razor! I didn't get pictures of Elizabeth snitching carrots off the buffet table because all I had was a Razor. I was frustrated to not be able to look up directions to a store because all I had was a Razor. I was nearly irritated when I tried to call a friend to check up on her son but couldn't because her number was stored in my iPhone and all I had was a Razor.

Okay, maybe that one is my fault for not committing a friend's phone number to memory (which I did finally guess at and miraculously got right!).

At one point, I even reached for my phone to do a quick bit of research before purchasing a product, but alas, all I had was a Razor.

Yup, I said that out loud. Here I was with a not-quite-four-year-old and a parrot of a two year old. And what do you think happened?

See that adorable face? Now imagine those eyebrows knitted together and those sweet little lips growling out 'CWAP!'
Because all I had was a Razor!

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