Monday, June 01, 2009

Anna is Six Months!!!

I am six months old...

...and I think I might like the Bumbo.
...and Mommy and Daddy finally graduated me from the bassinet to the crib!
...and I just started eating baby food this week.
...and I am really enjoying it!
...and I am a pro at grasping objects and gnawing on them.
...and I am starting to figure out the movements for crawling!
...and I might really and truly start sleeping through the night on a regular basis.
...and I still nurse!!!
...and my Mommy can't believe that I have actually been here half a year!
and I had my first case of bed!
...and my Daddy is convinced that I am going to be a redhead.
...and my Mommy really hopes so!
...and I am so excitable and entertaining first thing in the morning.
...and I do not like being a dirty diaper, I want it off the moment I soil it!
...and I still love being my Moby wrap. It makes me and Mommy so very happy.
...and I just really want to be where I can see whatever action is going on.
...and I love nap time!
...and everyone in the house smiles when I start 'singing'.
...and I am just about the most expressive little baby my Daddy and Mommy ever did see.


The Bouldins said...

awww ... Congratulations, Anna!

Now, please stop growing up so fast!

Christine said...

Your little Anna is darling. How is it possible that she is 6 months, already? :)