Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Which We Watch The Inauguration

So, of course, like many other Americans are today, I am parked in front of the television witnessing history. Like many other Americans, I have my children by my side as we watch the events. And they are regaling me with more than a few of their unique observations, view points, and questions. While not exactly live feed, I guess, I have decided to post them as they come.

As the crew marched out to the stage:

Momma, what are they doing?
Why are they all dressed up?
Where are they going?
Why are there so may flags out there?
Wow! Is everyone there? Did Daddy go to see the pwesident be sweared?

As Joe Biden was sworn in:

Mommy, is he giving us five? Can I give him five?

As Aretha Franklin was singing:

Mommy! She singed that song funny! Why is she singing like that?
I like her hat, Mommy. It is a princess bow hat. Can I have a princess bow hat like that?

As Barack Obama was sworn in:

Can I give him five, too, Mommy?
What is he swearing?
He forgot to say it again, Mommy.

Views of the crowd:

Mommy, she has fwags on her head!
I want to go to the castle and see the pwesident.

And last, but not least...

Is it over yet, Mommy? Is Word World still gonna come on? I sure do miss Word World!


Missi said...

This is great! I watched with my little people too, and now I wish I would have taken notes!

My kids were bugging me about Blue's Clues though. ;)

Anonymous said...

My first recollection of a President was Kennedy. How could that be? I am only 29!

Amy said...

Oh, that is so funny! Thanks for the laugh! hahaha

TKGOFF said...

now....Mom....that's a lie and you know it...Aubrey has surpassed your age now...you have to bump it up at least 20 years!

Aubrey said...


Yeah, Mom. Bump it up, girl. Thanks for sticking up for me, Baby Sister!

TKGOFF said...

By the way Bree...she told me this morning we were just going to have to get over the age factor...it's pure denial!