Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anna Joy - Day Two

Otherwise known as The Girl Party!

If you can believe it, there was snow on the ground the morning of Anna's birth. That's right, honest to goodness snow in Alabama on December 1. I have never seen that before. Ever. Due to the oddity in weather conditions, by the time Anna made her appearance that afternoon, it was so close to dark, the temps were dropping again, and we opted to have Sarah Grace and Elizabeth hold off until the next day on meeting their sister rather than risk everyone on the road in such yuck conditions.

Born and raised Alabamians don't know how to drive in cold 'weather' conditions. We don't have to. Because they DON'T happen.

On Tuesday afternoon when the girls got there, Joshua and I had just been served our gourmet steak dinner. A treat from the hospital cafeteria for new parents. It was relatively good. Not Outback by any stretch, but still, good.

When we finished up our meal, we called down to the nursery to have Anna and Matthew brought to us. (Matthew is a post unto himself, and I promise to get it up...sometime this week). The girls were thrilled over the arrival of both babies, and I honestly couldn't tell you who garnered more attention.

Despite the blah look on her face, Sarah Grace was actually quite taken with Anna. She pointed out that everyone had held her baby but her. Please can she hold Anna?

Elizabeth, on the other hand, had to be pried away from Anna. My little maternal girl. Well, maternal except for the fact that she kept squeezing Anna's nose to see if honked.

It doesn't, you know, just in case you were in any doubt.


TKGOFF said...

Tehe! Elizabeth is going to be amusing to watch with Anna! That's so cute, seeing if her nose would honk!

Loveday's Day said...

You have a beautiful family and God has truly blessed you.

liz said...

Congratulations on your little girl. She is a cutie! And can I just say that you look fantastic too? You don't look like you just gave birth at all!