Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Baby Due To Arrive Soon

You see, the thing is, my daughter is with child. That's right, Sarah Grace, the three year old. The bigger my belly gets and the closer it gets to Anna's due date, the bigger Sarah Grace's belly gets and the more she talks about life with 'Baby Maffew'.

Along about the sixth month of my pregnancy, when my belly really started to become it's own entity in our family, Sarah Grace informed us that there was a baby in her belly, too. As the weeks have gone by, she has been known to sidle up next to me and ask to compare belly sizes or allow me to feel Baby Matthew kicking in her belly after she feels Baby Anna kicking around in mine. Baby Matthew is also the reason she needs to eat as well as she does, or the reason that she is tired. Upon occasion, she will tell us that Baby Matthew isn't in her belly right now, she is playing/running/whatever it is she wants to be doing.

Oh, if it were only that easy, my darling little girl.

Along with her anticipated arrival of Baby Matthew have come questions concerning just how it is that Baby Anna will make her appearance. She caught me totally unprepared for this line of questioning one day as we sat at the OB's office waiting for Daddy to get there and for me to be called back for my appointment.

'Mommy, how does Baby Anna get out of your belwee?'

There was a grandmotherly type sitting across from us. She had been resting her head back on the wall with her eyes closed, occasionally peeping out to smile at some little something one of the kids said. At this question, she slid one eye open, eyed Sarah Grace and then me. Waiting.

My mind spun into overdrive as I tried to come up with an age appropriate answer. One that I was prepared to live with. One that would hopefully put a stop to the questions immediately. I just wasn't ready to have The Talk with my three year old!

'Welllll, Sarah Grace...' I drawled out, stalling for more time. 'Well, Jesus has a special way for Baby Anna to get her. A special magic way of getting her here.'

Grandmother Lady slid her eyes closed again, with a faint smile on her face.

I could see her little mind spinning, indeed hear the cranks and cogs whizzing. She looked up at me and said 'Kind of like how God made the Earf with his special magic?'

'Um, yes. Kind of like that, sweetie.'

Grandmother lady broke into a full grin at this point. I guess she approved, or she was just blatantly laughing at us. I guess either is acceptable. I guess neither really matter!

Sarah Grace is not generally the type to let things go. She is the quintessential little kid. Questions have to be answered to her liking, or the the follow up is 'Why?' Thankfully, she seemed satisfied. She has more or less let it go and accepted the answer.

I, on the other hand, have kicked myself repeatedly for saying magic instead of miracle. I have wondered if Sarah Grace sees God as some great wizard with a wand and pointy hat and spectacles. I have determined that I won't bring up the subject, but rather wait for her and then re-explain things better to my liking.

In the mean time, we wait patiently, in not somewhat uncomfortably, for Baby Anna to be born and for Baby Matthew to arrive. Promise to keep you posted!

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Michelle said...

That is too funny. :)