Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stinky Kids

My children are suffering from my lack of stamina. I am generally the type of Mom to bathe them daily, or at least every other day. But recently, my brain can't remember who was bathed when. I pretty well know that Thomas will get a shower Tuesday and Thursday mornings, because Joshua sees to it. Sarah Grace will shower with me occasionally, but mostly prefers bath tub time, and then there is Elizabeth.

I picked her up the other day and sat her in my lap, only to be utterly repulsed by the way the poor child smelled. As my Sarah Grace is known to often comment about smelly diaper...Elizabeth was 'stankie'. I vowed to bathe her after dinner that night. No sense in doing it in the middle of the day, when she still had the opportunity to smear one more meal through her hair. Elizabeth went to bed smelling much better that night.

Apparently, along with their sporadic bathing lately, Thomas has decided that changing clothes is optional. He approached me yesterday and informed me that he thought he would just stay in his pajamas for three weeks. We struck up a deal whereby he is allowed to wear the pj's for three nights, but must change into play clothes during the day.

And take an occasional bath...

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Amy said...

At first I thought maybe it was just because your sense of smell was heightened, but then Sarah Grace confirmed it, she was "stankie". That's too cute!