Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Holiday Weekend And A New Addition

Don't you just love long weekends? We certainly do! And we kicked it off in fine style on Friday night with a family picnic. It had threatened rain all afternoon, but after spitting just the littlest bit at us, we decided to proceed with our outing. We gathered our goodies and our family and took off for one of the nearby playgrounds.

It was nearly seven o'clock when we got there, a bit late for an outing, but we had the entire play area all to ourselves. We enjoyed our dinner, which included the yummiest cantaloupe I have had all season, and then turned the kids loose to run about. They were all over the play equipment, full of giggles and energy.

Note the bottom half of Gracie's dress is soaked. The slides all had water standing on them, and as my adventurer, she was the first one down every time I think!

Elizabeth found a puddle to splash around in. Absolutely ruined her shoes, but it was so worth it to watch the joyful expression on her face and the pure excitement of being allowed to get dirty and soaked! Let me tell you, those kids slept well that night!

Saturday, we just kind of did stuff around the house until after the kids woke up from nap. At that point, we loaded everyone up again and headed off to a gather hosted by our Sunday School teachers. Sun, fun, water, food, and lots of little kids! It was a very enjoyable evening. When we wrapped up there, we headed to my parents for the remainder of the weekend.

My Mom and I worked at a local arts and crafts show all day on Sunday. It was a long day, but things went really well. And I enjoyed the time just hanging out with my Mom. Joshua, who is definitely taking home the Father Of The Year Award, managed to get all the kids awake, breakfasted, bathed, dressed and out the door for church by 8:15! I was ever so impressed when I got a phone call from him saying they were on the road!

The family all reconvened at my parents that night and rested up for Monday. I don't know about the kids, but I slept hard. A full day of moving about and being outside had done me in. Monday morning, my grandmother, Mimi, came over with a surprise for the kids!

Meet Tippy Toes, the newest addition to our little family. Appropriately named, as each of his paws are tipped in white, and one side of his nose is white. And his poor little tail has a crook at the very tip of it. He is in a definate transition; he went from being an inside baby to an outside baby, and from adult attentions to children attentions. It is a shift in anyone's life. But he purrs merrily through it all and keeps his claws tucked away.

He has had his first big adventure, which I will tell you about next time. For now, I am signing off and going to lay down. Sweet dreams!

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Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Sounds like a fun holiday weekend. Enjoy your new family member!