Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Still Standing Here

Have I mentioned Thomas and Sarah Grace's new bikes? And new helments? And new knee pads? These are some very loved items in their lives.

Except Sarah Grace and her knee pads. Because the elastic on the knee pads is just a bit short for her stout little legs. The knee pads have been passed on down the line, though. Elizabeth is quite content to don them and ride her bike.

Or stand on the porch because she hasn't mastered movement in the knee pads yet.


'Oh, Mommy?'

'What, Officer? My tags are expired, you say? What?
Their upside down? I have no idea what your talking about.'

'Me and my sister, we were just going for a short ride. Surely this
is just a warning. I don't even know what a ticket is!'

'Mommy? It's Elizabeth.'

'Your youngest daughter! Your baby!'

'What do you mean, not the baby for much longer?? Well, let me just come remind you how cute I really am. We'll see who's the baby!'

And with that, folks, she took off the knee pads, made her way delicately down the steps, stomped down the drive to where I stood laughing, held out her arms, and said, 'Up, peas!', thus demanding to be held in my arms.

I obliged. She is awfully cute!


The Bouldins said...

You have such cute babies!

Amy said...

You've just got the cutest kids! And how did you teach them to ride bikes while looking backwards?
Love the pics! Have I told you lately that we MISS you guys?

Anonymous said...

Yuongest status at the Freeman house is, historically, short lived.