Tuesday, June 10, 2008


And now, I will absolutely, positively, without any hesitation and not a trace of shame, post a picture of my little Elizabeth and her most recent predicament. Two of them, actually.

She managed to find the dog carrier and crawl herself inside it, but couldn't quite manipulate how to back out. So she resorted to alternately screaming for help and sucking her fingers.

When I found her, I was glad she couldn't see me. Because I left. To get the camera. For you, I tell you. I left my upset child so I could snap a picture for you. It had nothing to do with my own need to capture this moment on 'film'.

After I rescued her, she decided that her crib made a better napping place. And there she is sleeping very well. =)


Anonymous said...

Poor baby...but cute picture!
Aunt Cheryl

Anonymous said...

AHH! What stories the whoopie cushion could tell! and it travels now, too!


Christine said...

She is absolutely adorable!

MeesheMama said...

This is the greatest! I love that you had to go get the camera. I often find myself facing the same dilemma. Rescue the child or just takeasecondandgrabthecamera. (Remember when LL's kid got his head stuck in the railing and she made the same choice?)