Thursday, June 05, 2008

And So It Begins

I had this sudden impulse to get Sarah Grace and Thomas to be able to spout off their birthday dates when folks asked. It was just to confusing for both of them to reply August, as if it were a destination. Naturally, the inevitable question followed their answers. 'Are they twins?' So the desire was born to get them to differentiate.

Sarah Grace quickly picked up on August 'fif' while Thomas struggled a bit with August 'fif-eent'. They now are fluent with these dates and can rapid fire them out just as quickly as their 'big names' and Mommy's telephone number. Somehow, these things seem important to me.

Now, it's a daily conversation. 'Mommy, is it my birfday yet?' No honey, not yet. Two more months. ''Two more monfs?' Yes, sweetie. 'Mommy, can I have a _________ birfday?'

Lady Bug
Bumble Bee

Those would be some of the more recent blank fillers. What this really means is 'Can my birthday cake be a (insert choice from above list)?'

I knew I should have stuck with sheet cakes. Or even a layered cake. But now that I produced the Bee Hive cake, my cake making days are going to be more demanding.

I like baking and all, but art was never my forte.


Stacia said...

Jonathan and Nicholas are already planning their birthday parties for next year. Their birthdays are in February. I have 8 more months of when is my birthday and can I have a pirate party or power ranger party or whatever else kind of party they can think of at the moment.

The Bouldins said...

*mental note: stick with sheet cakes*


Amy Cranston said...

AAAhhh, yes! Emma likes to change her birthday themes from week to week too! That's great that they can say their birthdays and such! I'm starting to work with Emma on that too. I think it's important b/c you never know when they might need to know those things! Love ya! Great work super mom! You're my hero :)

Lora Lynn said...

Yep, it's a slippery slope, friend. You can do it.