Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Celebration

Now that I have found the camera...
This past Saturday we celebrated Elizabeth's first birthday! Our joyful little girl is a whole year old. We trekked off to Scottsboro and while the girls napped, we got the cake ready.

It was my first attempt at anything other than a sheet cake, and I must say, I was quite pleased. The kids had been talking about Elizabeth's Bumble Bee cake for several days are were excited to finally get to see it. And eat it. Here, you see the Bee Hive cake and the Bumble Bee cookies/cupcakes.

Elizabeth didn't quite know what to make of that cake and it's burning candle, so she contented herself by poking at the marshmallow wings on the Bee cookies. Then smiled hugely as we all finished singing the Birthday song and applauded her, the Birthday Girl!

We made quick work of stripping her down to her diaper and letting her have a go at her cupcake. As you see, she was a bit bothered by the sticky wings when she had a real go at them.

For those of you who remember, Thomas likes to blow out candles. This day was no exception. He promptly blew out Elizabeth's little candle before the last strains of the birthday song even drifted away. Elizabeth stared at that smoking candle, wondering, perhaps, what had happened. Thomas was all smiles.

Once we had all had our fill of cake, Elizabeth was whisked off to the bathtub for clean up. When she emerged all de-caked and fresh smelling, we plopped her down in the floor so she could eat the paper from her presents. Thomas and Sarah Grace were very sacrificial and volunteered to open her gifts for her. Seems she was a tad to little in their minds. Elizabeth didn't seem to mind. She happily sucked on tissue paper and wrapping paper and gnawed on ribbon asa Thomas and Sarah Grace did the honors of discovering her new things.
And then, the sugar buzz wore off and the Birthday Girl crashed. Sleep well, Sunshine!

**Sorry folks, the video is giving me fits, so it will just have to wait. Check back later!


Stacia said...

Wow, they grow up so fast. I can't believe she is one. Happy Birthday, birthday girl.

Anonymous said...

SO, where did u find the camera?

Diane has the most beautiful grandchildren!!

Bethney said...

Happy Birthday babygirl!!! I can't believe she's already one, it seems like a few days ago I was looking at prego pics of you! I hope all is well with you guys. There's is alot going on here...I will send out a mass email explaining further when I have a chance. Much love ~ The Nicholas'

Laura said...

Your children are beautiful! Happy birthday to your little one. :) Is there a recipe for that cake somewhere, or did you make it up? I'm very's adorable! I found your blog through Christine's. :)

Amy Cranston said...

What a great looking cake for a sweet little girl! Aubrey you did a great job :)
Love ya!