Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just A Quick Gloat... And A Few Other Things

Two of my three children are officially potty trained! Way to go Sarah Grace! She decided sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas that she didn't want to wear diapers anymore. What timing. I managed to put her off until the day after Christmas, and over the course of the last two weeks, she has done it! I am so proud of that kid.

In other news, I have a very clean bathroom mirror. Now, aren't you glad you visited our little bit of bloggy land today? To hear about clean mirrors? Let me expound on that. Yesterday, I plopped Thomas and Sarah Grace into the bathtub to play for a bit. As I sat in the living room and played with Elizabeth, I noticed a very pleasant smell. At first, I thought it was something from outside since it was almost 70 here yesterday and I had the windows open to allow fresh air circulation.

As I sat there inhaling the comforting and familiar scent, I realized it wasn't from outside. It was lavender. I went into the bathroom to see this:

I know it's hard to tell, but that mirror is coated, soaked actually, in Barefoot's disinfecting spray. The mirror was disinfected enough to make a doctor proud. Disinfected, but a little oily, since the spray has essential oils in it. I wiped up the excess, and there was so much of it I could actually squeeze liquid out of the once dry cloth I used to mop up the mirror with, then grabbed the Barefoot glass cleaner and re-soaked the mirror. I left it there to do it's work as I washed and dried and lotioned and dressed the kids. When I went back, my mirror was sparkling clean! Knowing that when my children decide to help me clean that the cleaners will not be harmful is such a nice feeling. Knowing that when they overdose a defenseless mirror with the wrong cleaner that the 'worst' side effect is the lovely smell is also a nice perk to the cleaners! Thanks, Lora, for making my home safer for my kiddos!

With Thomas not feeling quite up to par, we are still moving slowly around here. Some of us, that is. Sarah Grace is finding new ways to entertain herself since her playmate 'had his fwoat cut out'. Yesterday, she demonstrated her organizing skills. Check out those lines!

As I sat and watched her carefully and meticulously put all her items in order, I was in awe. Sarah Grace is generally a blur of energy. It is amazing how much her legs go on any given day, and her constant state of motion makes photo opportunities , well, frustrating. It is good to know that all that energy can be focused.

Thomas, with his lack of energy, is finding new and quiet way to entertain himself, as well. His current interest is pulling his eyebrows. He tells me 'it feels funny'. Okay. I bet it does. He is still soaking in a lot of TV time and I get tickled to glance at him over there pulling his eyebrows. Yes, I know it sounds weird. But who defined normal, anyway. And what were they like as a child?

And then, of course, there is my Elizabeth. She is a bundle of energy, too. Her top four teeth are all edging through, along with a couple of new bottom ones, and she is always on the look out for something to relieve her little gums on. Food, toys, shoes, peoples fingers, the edges of the chairs or ottoman, pretty much anything. Despite the discomfort, she is full of sweetness and laughter and squeals of joy (very high pitched squeals, but what do you do?)
And there you have it. Our yesterday. It is about 9:30 a.m. and all three kids are yawning and being sleepy. It was a rough night of all of us. I think I will pull everyone up here and read some good stories, have an early lunch, then a nice long nap for us all. Yeah, that sounds like the order of the day.


Lora Lynn said...

Thanks for the plug. Gotta tell you, all those rows and lines of SG's are very impressive. I would have expected that from Thomas, but not really her. Nice work, SG.

Heather said...

Way to go Sarah!! :)

Amy Cranston said...

Hey Aubrey! Glad to see things are getting back to normal around your house. Thomas still looks a little under the weather. I'm praying for yall! Thanks for the cute blog post. Your family is just precious!

Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Yup! Gracie is an on the go gal!! But due credit--she's a multi-tasker!! Now, my T-tom is a bit ocd--making for an interesting duo! LizzyBeth will soon be off and running (as opposed to her present --gettin it crawl!) Hmmmmm-discovery for all!! My BreeChan and Joshua are doin a fine job!
Happy 10 mo. anniversary LB!

Luv ya all!

Christine said...

How awesome that 2 of your 3 are potty trained. Talk about having a celebration! My son is loving his diapers too much; I have tried all forms of bribery and yet, nothing. lol Blessings to you!

Christine said...

By the way, Elizabeth is such a cute little charmer! She has the sweetest smile.