Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Guys and Their Guitars

Thomas's favorite Christmas gift is, well, his remote control car. It gets a lot of laughter miles in this house. The thing is pretty cool. It has monster truck wheels on a little race car type body and when it hits an object head on, it flips over and is a whole different car. Red number 59 on one side and yellow number 95 on the other. And it has some torque power, too! It can push around the the Little People Ark, animals and all.

It is also a little bit possessed. But only if you forget to turn the power off. Being radio controlled, it picks up odd waves and will sometimes spin it's wheels. Yeah, it has freaked me out a time or twelve.

Soanyway, another of Thomas's favorite gifts is his guitar. He carries it around and serenades us with songs and smiles as he struggles to hold the thing in his arms and play it while standing. We need to get him a strap for it. He will often tell me, 'I can't find X song.' This means he can't strum out anything that reminds him of the melody of whatever song it is he is currently trying to master. Occasionally he will wander over to the piano and play a couple of keys, then strum his guitar, tune it a little, and 'look' for the song again.

It's all very entertaining, let me assure you.

Especially when Joshua goes after it to for real tune it. He is patient though.

And for his patience, I got to enjoy a duet tonight. Jingle Bells, of course. Played by Joshua and Thomas for my hearing pleasure. Love my guys and their guitars!

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Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Cute picture! My Little loves to "help" her daddy play guitar; I'm sure one of her very own will be in the mix in a couple of years.