Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still Not Talking

I really do try not to say things that don't need to be said. My mouth and it's capacity to take over before my brain kicks in has gotten me into more than one embarrassing situation. For many years, I have made a private New Year's resolution to shut up and think before I speak. Well, the problem has been taken care of. At least temporarily. Who knew that all I had to do was march myself in and have my wisdom teeth cut out and my mouthy self would be taken care of?

Not the way I had imagined defeating this flaw, let me tell you. But, I will take what I can get. Now if I can just continue this practice without the discomfort...

Another thing I feel I should mention. Stay away from Google Reader. It's not so much that it is all bad, but every time I pull it up I see the list of the fifty or so blogs I keep up with on it. Again, not so bad. Here is the catch. Fifty or so blogs have fifty or so writers who all post pretty regularly. When I bring up the reader and it says 117 new posts, I am overwhelmed. Granted, there are much fewer of those blogs that I know the person IRL, therefore feeling a pressing need to read what is written. Sometimes those other folks just have to wait.

Until I have my teeth jerked from my head and suddenly have a lot less energy (losing blood, can't eat, aching from the shoulders up tends to take it's toll. Oh, and the wonderful drugs that make me dizzy and sleepy) to do anything but sit with a book or a blog in front of me. One of those blogs had 57 unread posts two days ago. I have skimmed though and am now in the know of this person's life again. A person I think I would enjoy meeting, but have never met.

I love the folks on my Reader. They are all edifying blogs, some people older, a few younger, some with grown children, proving that we will all survive the toddler years and regain our sense of humor. Many who are right here in the trenches with me. We cry out together, we learn from each other, we share ideas with each other, and in our own special way, we are a community. Even if I never meet them in person, I am so glad to have the influences of several of these folks in my life.

But beware the Reader. It is a wonderful thing, except when you realize you are trying to keep up with to many blogs. There is only so much time in my normal schedule that I can devote to reading blogs. I guess for me, blog reading takes the place of television. Hmmm...

Hey, and if this post makes no sense to you, blame it on the painkillers. As I write this, they are kicking in, making me ready to float off to sweet sleep. I time it so I can take them at the kids nap times! Brilliant move on my part, dontcha think?


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Hope your mouth heals quickly! I've been there (although, for me it was pre-children) and know it isn't fun.

As for Google Reader (or NetNewsWire in my case), I finally decided that sometimes it is just okay to click "mark all as read". Although I would like to read and comment on the posts written by the 50 or so bloggers I read regularly, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day! :-)

The Bouldins said...

How's the mouth?

Hope you're feeling better!