Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I mentioned in the apple pie post that it had been a long week. Well, folks, it was indeed a very long week. Elizabeth is cutting five teeth at once and my wisdom teeth were making me miserable. After a trip to the dentist on Friday, a loooooooong weekend, and finally a trip to the oral surgeon yesterday (with all three kids in tow!), it was decided that the teeth must go. I said great. I am free tomorrow. By the grace of God, the surgeon had an appointment open this morning, and now, I am three teeth closer to toothless.

My Daddy came in this morning to watch the kids for us as Joshua took me to the oral surgeon for a short visit. Most of which I have no recollection. Thankfully.

I have been slowly regaining feeling in my mouth over the last few hours, and it's not so nice. In fact, it hurts worse right now than it did this time yesterday. But I am looking to the future, people. In a few short weeks, this will be nothing but a memory. Probably not a favorite one, but most assuredly a memory. And praise God.

For now, though, I will ask for your prayers for a quick recovery and an few extra doses of goodness from my kids over the next few days as the worst of it passes. And most immediately, I am off to take another pain pill and doze for a bit. Later, folks!


Aunt Kim said...

Sounds like something that I need to have done here soon. I talked to Daddy and he seemed to have really enjoyed watching the kids...what can I say? You and Josh have awesome kids! I hope your mouth gets better, along with Lizzie's. Krysta just had hers out and she told me that she looks like a chipmunk smuggling peanuts. I love you!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Praying for a quick recovery!

Lora Lynn said...

feel better soon. what would i do without you and your mouth?

I am impressed that you can still comment on my blog, AND be a smart-alec, all while taking drugs. Not surprised. Just impressed.

Love you!

Sonya said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. I just had two wisdom teeth cut out a month ago. It sounds like our experience was similar. Went to the dentist, then oral surgeon to have the teeth pulled, and then the surgeon decided they had to be cut out. Sheesh! I don't remember coming home and was down for a few days. I just rested and ate a lot of soup! After a month, half my tongue is still numb. The surgeon says that they've never had anyone with permanent damage and I hope he's right. I hope it goes away but it's been this way since my surgery.

I hope you recover quickly!