Saturday, December 01, 2007

IcE CrEaM!!!

While Amy and Emma were here yesterday, we gave the kids each half an ice cream sandwich. All four of them. Emma, Thomas, and Sarah Grace promptly and rather neatly ate theirs and begged for more. Amy and I were busy giggling and could barely get out our 'no more' responses to the older kids. As you will see, Elizabeth was absolutely in heaven as she ate and smeared and drolled ans squished and rubbed and smacked on her treat. I am probably guilty of overkill with these pictures, but they are so cute and so funny that I had a hard time just picking one or two. Twenty made me happy, though!

These last two pictures show where Emma and Sarah Grace helped to clean all the ice cream sandwich off of Miss Elizabeth. Such helpful little girls!


The Bouldins said...

That face in the third one had me giggling. "If I could just cram in a little bit more!"

Anonymous said...

Lizzie is just too too funny. I don't believe I have ever seen pictures that could better depict the pure enjoyment of an ice cream sandwich. I have such wonderful grandchildren.