Friday, November 02, 2007

One Quick Rant

I love fall. I love the cool, crispness of the air. I love pulling out the sweaters and warmer clothes. I love how the trees burst forth in color. I love football season (not that I watch much, but still). I love seeing the stores pull out the autumn decorations and even the Christmas stuff (five months early).

I am learning to appreciate the shorter days. My kids run on a solar schedule, meaning they are pretty much up with the sun and ready to go down shortly after it gets good and dark. This means that they enjoy playing outside in the mornings much more (or maybe it's just the fact that it is no longer ninety degrees by 10 am) and they take great naps. This means that at bedtime, I don't get much fuss, and if I sneak them down a few minutes early, they don't know because not only is it dark, but they can't tell time yet. Well, Thomas can tell you if it is eight something, but we just don't let him look at the clock.

I love making soups and stews and spice cakes. Yes, I love the fall. It brings on so many different and wonderful things.

And the not so wonderful things. Snotty, drippy noses. And there is the rub. Because, I HATE BEING A HUMAN KLEENEX FOR MY CHILDREN.

Yes, yes, I am sure there are oh-so-many things you can tell me I will miss about toddlerhood. I willingly agree with you. But not this part. Nope. Not at all. I can't wait until it occurs to them, without me saying it five times fast, that when their little noses are dripping that nasty stuff that they should simply go and wipe it on a piece of paper. Not Mommy. Not my nice, clean clothes that I just put on half and hour ago. Leaving me looking like I have already been in the Mommy Trenches for the entire day, when really we haven't even crossed the breakfast hurtle yet.

There, now that I have that off my chest, I am going to put on my second shirt of the morning. Because I do NOT have to wear spit up and snot before noon. Despite my wonderful title as Mommy.


Stacia said...

I love fall as well. And I understand the runny nose issue. Jonathan stayed home from school today because of a cold, but at least he is old enough to get his own tissue. He still likes to use his shirt though.

Lora Lynn said...

what is this "nice, clean shirt" you speak of? and how do i get one?

Stories Of Our Lives said...

I guess that is something more I have in common with my sister. I LOVE the fall! Not too cold, not too hot. And about the running noses....that's just gross! lol! Have fun with that one! :) the way....I think you have learned the trick Mom and Dad used to pull on us! Changing our bed times when the days became shorter...that's just cruel! Love you big sis! And Josh, Thomas, Gracie, and Lizzie Beth!

Rebecca said...

I <3 fall too! My most favorite season! My son does the same thing to me - and to his clothes so come lunch we both look a wreck.

Thanks for letting me know I won the contest! How exciting! I looked for your e-mail on your site/profile but it looks like it's not available. My e-mail is, if you send me an e-mail I will respond with my info. Thanks again!