Monday, August 13, 2007

Isaac Leino

I have never met this precious family, and yet, they have had an incontrovertible impact on my life. I was directed to this blog site several weeks ago, just after Isaac was born, by our pastor's wife. It was actually a day or two before I sat down to look up the site, but then I sat mesmerized for hours as I started at the first post of their story and read through five months of blogging history.

I found myself thinking of little Isaac several times a day and lifting up him and his sweet parents in prayer. I created a shortcut to their page on my desktop, and I clicked on it every time I sat down at the computer. I felt some special connection that, at first, I attributed to my own pregnancy, but in short time, I realized how much I had come to care about this little family that I will probably never meet.

The weeks went by, and Isaac's progress was up and down, at times clinging to life by a thread of the Lord's providence. His survival astounded doctors, nurses, and I would bet several of his 'followers'. Hundreds of people commented on those posts. And I can't even imagine how many lurkers there were out there, rooting on the Leino family and praying for Isaac's life.

Jordan and Patience made their mark on people's hearts, as well. They cried out for prayer, loved their little son fiercely, and praised the Lord loudly when Isaac made the smallest steps forward. In all that they said, they glorified God and thanked Him for Isaac's sweet life. They leaned hard on His mighty arms as Isaac's day to day health spiraled up and down. They were absolute servants to His will, accepting whatever came their way and cherishing each moment He gave them with their precious son. While I don't believe for a second that parents desire to give up their beloved children, I do believe that Jordan and Patience were as gracious and faithful as I will probably ever see.

Sadly, Isaac passed away. Sad for us. Wonderful for him! I know that sweet baby is being held closely in the arms of our Father. I think of all the people that prayed for that baby, who read his blog, and who are grieving for his parent's loss. I think of the amazing story that Jordan and Patience have created, all by their faith and love for Jesus Christ. The change that took place in so many lives because of the hand of our Lord working through that family. (read the comments to their posts if you doubt me) I praise the Lord for all the work He did through the life of that beautiful baby boy.

I would like to say that I would be as faithful if I were ever faced with those circumstances, though I can't know. But I am so grateful to have been able to witness the love and acceptance that Jordan and Patience modeled. I am so glad they have shared their story, and I hope that if you have not read their blog, you will make time to do so. It is a true testament to our Father's love and faithfulness.


Anonymous said...

I hurt for their loss


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I read this on your blog page the first time you posted it and had been going back to their blog and watched and prayed. This family also touched me very much.

Thank you for your blogs, I love your christian women links. I love to read your blogs.