Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am sorry if you have come looking for pictures and Freeman antics lately. I had all but forgotten we had a blog. Never mind that I still check several as frequently as I can for encouragement. We are in the midst of a very sad time in our family. Joshua's dad has been diagnosed with a very aggressive and un-treatable type of cancer that had managed to spread it's tentacles far and wide before becoming 'active' and being discovered. We are spending most of our days and weeks at his parent's home, helping where we can, and just being there together as a family. Please keep our family in your prayers, specifically for the comfort of Joshua's dad and strength for Joshua and his mom, and that our sweet children would continue to be as wonderfully behaved and calm as they have been. Thank you.


Clark and Laura Forman said...

Oh wow sweet friend thank you for sharing with us how to be praying, i will be lifting you all up as you continue to journey on during this difficult time. God is such a source of strength! i love you!

Laura said...

We are certainly praying for you and your family. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for all of you...happy that he is no longer suffering, but sad because he is not here to be a part of your earthly lives. We will continue to pray for strength and peace.

The Aquilas

Paul said...

We are both praying for you and Joshua.

May God's arms hold and comfort you.
May His shoulders be strong and soft.
May His peace wash over you,
And cast your pain aloft.

The Pearsons

Anonymous said...

Aubrey, we are keeping your family in our prayers!

Clark and Laura Forman said...

friend...still praying for you you...

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Aubrey - I am so sorry to hear about this pain that your family is experiencing. Will definitely be praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Joshua--I so loved reading your comments regarding your Dad. I loved your Dad. He was always there in our lives. I think of him so often, and it is like losing just a little more of Jim. They were important to one another. They shared so much life and family. I have tried to think just why I loved him so. 1. Had a knack for making me feel as tho I was the most important person in his life. 2. Had a knack for making me feel my family were the most important people in the world. 3. Had a knack for making me KNOW that my opinion was important. 4. He was so open and direct. I loved that about him. 5. He knew who he was. I wish I could be that sure. 6. He knew who he liked, I'm lucky to be on that list. 7. He loved his family so much and shared them with me. 8. But I think that most of all I loved his "naughtiness" (:>)
I remember him letting you drive the boat so that you could impress me when you were 13. I remember you laying on the bed with him so devistated over a "romantic" break-up at the age of 15? 16? What a wonderful legacy to be known as such a "tough" guy, knowing always just when it was necessary to be gentle. Again, I loved your Dad. I am happy for you having such wonderful memories. Even those who have some tough memories end up remembering only the better memories. God is Good.
I love you all and want you to know that I have a swimming pool and all children are welcome.(Loved the pictures and comments of the kids) Love, "Scusan" (Your Dads' nickname for me)