Friday, April 27, 2007

On My Own

The baby is here, the helpers have all come and gone, and this week, I was on my own with my three little children. The sky is still up, the sun still peeks out between the rain showers of the week, gravity still works in the same way. There were no major changes in the world as we know it, unless, of course, you are me.

Monday, I had a stomach virus, so I was NO GOOD. And the powers that be deemed that to be the day to spread chemicals all over the cotton field behind our neighborhood. The same cotton field I love in August, my Southern Snow, if you will, brought me nothing but disgust. As the tractor made the rounds dropping it's nasty junk on the ground, I told my children they had to stay inside. Did I mention I did not feel all that great?

Tuesday, I felt much better. And, it rained. So here we two of being cooped up indoors. It was kind of a long day, if ya know what I mean.

Wednesday, I honestly do not remember. Seriously. Gone. Abyss. But I know I did make spaghetti and rolls and we had a picnic on the back porch.

Thursday, I had to get OUT of the house. Out, out, out. Anywhere. So, we picked up Thomas's baby (a CareBear that makes life easier at sleep times) and blanket (also a sleep time aid) from a friend who was kind enough to taxi them from Memum's house to Huntsville. Then, we went to have a short visit with friends. Then home for lunch and nap time. Forget lunch. The kids were asleep by the time we got home, and unwilling to wake up for nourishment. Then, after they woke up, I fished a pen out of the toilet (so as not to repeat a Fanning Fiasco) while the kids refrigerator shopped. While they had to do the clean up on that themselves, I had to neaten a bit when they were done. This doesn't sound like much, but let's not forget Elizabeth and her nursing habits (she like to eat), diaper changing times, snack time, and then Joshua came home. Dinner was not a happening thing. We went out for dinner. To Chick-Fil-A. Not the one closest to us, either. The one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay on out South Parkway. We drove thirty minutes to get there. I needed out. Again!

Friday. The 'week' as we call it, is over. I have survived. I went to the preschool this morning to do a bit of work there and to visit with folks and introduce Elizabeth to them. Joshua took the day off and stayed home with Thomas and Sarah Grace. He had to leave about 1:30 this afternoon and is gone for the day. The kids are napped, and we are making dinner.

The sky did not fall. The sun still peeks out from between the clouds (between rain showers). Gravity still has the same effect. Time marches on. No big deal. Nothing has changed to alter the state of the universe. Unless you are me. Learning to handle three under three on my own. By the grace of God, I can look back on the week and call it successful. I enjoyed my kids. I got some house cleaning done. I managed to actually cook (one night, but we had lots of leftovers from yummy meals others had made for us). And, my sanity is still there, as much as it ever was, anyway!

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The Bouldins said...

Plus, you had time to help out a new mom hundreds of miles away! :) Thanks ... and Congratulations on a good first week.