Monday, December 18, 2006


We are alive! We are alive! I have several posts that I would like to do, but I think I will start with today... I remember it the best.

We woke up to the kids laughing and screaming at about 6:15 this morning. (This after an extremely long weekend) I could not believe they were up. I still had 15 minutes left to sleep! I am filling in at the school this week, so the kids are getting lots of exposure to other children. They both have some anxiety about morning parting when I drop them in their classrooms, but it doesn't last. When I check in on them 15 to 20 minutes later, they are happily playing or singing or coloring or whatever the activity of the moment is.

Today I got to watch my son. I know this sounds silly, but watching your kid in a daycare setting when he doesn't know you are watching is eye opening. Fortunately, it was a good kind of eye opener. My heart swelled with pride and thankfulness as I watched him. First of all, he was just cute. And so big. I mean, when did he go and get that grown up?

So, after watching him stroll along for a few minutes, he chose to sit down on this little car toy that has steering wheels on it. The kids his age love this toy. There are four seats and four steering wheels. There was only one little girl sitting on it playing, and Thomas went over and sat down and started spinning the steering wheel. The little girl went nuts on my son. Seriously, unbiased Mommy talking here. I was a teacher today, after all. I watched as she pushed him with her hands and feet and hit him and kicked him and yelled at him. Just plain upset that he was there. I kept waiting for some other teacher to notice, because I did not want to clue Thomas into my presence, but they were busy with other toddler antics. As I watched, I decided to let it go. Kids do this kind of stuff.

Then, to my great pleasure, Thomas decided he'd had enough. He stood up, kind looked at the little girl like she was a loon (and she was acting that way!) and walked off. I was so PROUD of him. This is the point where kids usually just lash right back at the person who is after them. Not my son. (not today, anyway) He walked away, and busied himself elsewhere.

All those days of repetitive admonishments of 'she's a lady', 'we don't hit', 'have a sweet spirit, even if they don't', ' be kind', 'be gentle'. He heard it. He really heard it. It's one of those inspirational moments when you just have to stop and praise God for letting you see this little episode. The Lord gave me encouragement through that simple act of my son walking away and letting the little girl alone.

Will he do it the next time? I have no way of knowing, but he did it this time and I witnessed it. And that is all I need for now. It will carry me through many frustrating moments where they don't seem to be listening to me at all. I now am assured (with my own eyesight) that my son is hearing me and it is rooting in his heart and mind.

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