Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mostly Sarah

We spent last night and all day today with Granny and Papa Joe in Cullman. The kids love to visit with their grandparents, and the fun was doubled this time due to 'prez-a-nents' and sweet stuff on hand in preparation for the holidays!

Sarah Grace found a flower pot that quickly became a much loved piece of headgear, and was quiet charming as she pranced around peeking up at us from below the hat. During a Diaper Time, she donned the hat and took off streaking around the house causing us all to laugh at her antics.

While Sarah Grace was dancing around in her birthday suit, Thomas was busying himself with one of those glorious toys that has about a ga-billion pieces to it. When he tired of this toy, he jumped up and announced to Sarah Grace to 'cween up'. To my amusing dismay, she marched right over to obey her brother's bidding (naked, I might add) as he stole away to play with another toy! After a quick reprimand from Mom, Thomas went to help Sarah Grace clean up the mess he made in the first place
and then thanked his sister for her help. Kids these days.

There have been several frustrating yet amusing incidents such as this today. Thomas found Granny's bags of sewing thread (lots of thread, since Diane sews beautifully!) and dumped them right at her feet just as she was saying not to. She has them neatly sorted into color families, and as she and Thomas were cleaning up the green spools, Thomas lost interest and pulled the red family out to add to the mix. A festive assortment, at the very least.

Another major attraction for the day was Tinkerbell's (their Chihuahua) water and food bowls. After the initial dumping, pulled off by my Dynamic Duo children, we decided to only leave Tinker's water bowl down. Sarah Grace dumped it not long after we had cleaned up the original mess. We laughed and shook our heads as this mess was cleaned. She does this regularly, so it
was kind of expected. Then, believe it or not, after Gracie had
gone down for her nap, Thomas emptied the bowl for the third
time. We took the hint and Tinker was relegated to the back of the house for her water bowl for the rest of the day.

Tinker had another trial today. Thomas has one of those Little Tykes cars that lives on the deck at Granny's house. He had been begging essentially since we got there last night to go out and play with it. Finally, it warmed up enough and the moisture was absorbed enough that we turned him loose about mid morning today. He happily Flintstone-ed his way all over the deck, occasionally stopping to inspect some aspect of the 'road-way' more closely. In the mean time, Tinkerbell wanted to go out, too. So, she was turned out to the deck for some fresh air and exercise with Thomas. Tom steered his way over to her, and as we watched all this take place from inside the warmth of the kitchen, we casually mentioned that shortly he would be targeting Tinkerbell instead of making his way so gingerly around her. What do you suppose happens next? Yep. You guessed it. He took aim, and Tinker decided she would rather be
The day is full of funnies such as this, as Joshua and I try to be more relaxed when we are at Grandparents' homes. I could regale you with a few more antics, but it is late, I am tired, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. (Trust me, these three things really do tie in with one another. Santa pulls late nights, I hear...) As you can see, there was some cuddle time was snuck in between all the merry making and trouble making. Papa Joe was especially happy to get some of those sweet, fresh from nap time cuddles!

So, if I don't talk to you between now and then, Merry Christmas!!!

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