Thursday, November 09, 2006


Recently, Joshua and Thomas had an outside adventure! Thomas 'caught' and cooked his own meal. We are so proud of him!

Joshua came home one night and asked if he and Thomas could take care of preparing dinner. Being the generous soul that I am, I relented my kitchen responsibilities for the evening and allowed them to do the cooking. It was a sacrifice.

As my little family trooped out into our treeless back yard to rummage for fire making supplies, I had to smile to myself. These kids have such a great Daddy! Soon, they had found all the devices they needed to start a fire and they were warming themselves by the glowing flames. Sarah was a bit hesitant, and crowded close to her Daddy at all times. Thomas was entranced, completely. He pronounced it 'warm' and enjoyed poking at the fire with a stick and warming his hands and feet by the fire.

After a time, Thomas came in and 'caught' some hot dogs to take and roast over their little fire. He was very serious as he cooked his dinner and was careful not to let the weenie bounce on the stick too much for fear it would fall into the flames. In a few minutes, he came in, carefully, but proudly, bearing a dish of roasted weenies for the eating delectation of all who wanted.

Now, normally, Thomas is only so-so on hot dogs. But this night, he ate almost two whole weenies! Must have worked up an appetite with all that hunting and preparation!

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The Fannings said...

wanna know what's in hot dogs? ;-) just kidding. at this point, feed 'em whatever keeps 'em alive. i'm all for it.