Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sunshine Scents

One of the bright spots in daily chores for me is my laundry line. Well, my make shift laundry line. It's on the 'Honey Do' list to get a real one up, but for now, the one I have strung up on the back porch is serving it's purpose wonderfully. Several folks have looked at me like I have a few screws loose when they see my line. Obviously, they wonder why I don't just use the dryer. Well, let me tell you what launched my laundry line fetish.

We made the switch over to cloth diapers about 6 months ago. I love the diapers, in case you are wondering. But, the particular type we chose have parts that can't go in the dryer. At first, I dried the covers by hanging them up from the shower rod in the bathroom. Then, as it got hotter and hotter, it occurred to me that it would be faster to hang them outside. So, I hung them from the frame of the trampoline. Then, I wanted to dry other things outside, so I would lay them on the top of the trampoline. But, they blew away frequently.

So, with a bit of twine and some clothespins that I had bought for the kids to play with, the laundry line was born. These days I use if for diapers, sheets, towels, whites, mostly anything that will not be stretched out or sun stiffened past comfort (jeans). It took me a couple tries before I got the hang of liquid fabric softener for this endeavor, but now our laundry is soft and smells so wonderfully sunny.

The days are beginning to cool off a tad, and here in Alabama, if it rains, you can just forget trying to line dry clothes. So, I am having to use the dryer a little more often. I am wondering how often I will get to use my laundry line this fall and winter.

I have learned several practical benefits to laundry line usage. Our home was built in an old field, and we have no trees.(my major issue with this house!) The sun rises at the back of our home and sets right in the front windows. Cooling the place to most people's standards is a lost cause. Therefore, by using my laundry line, I cut down on the amount of time appliances run and generate more heat in our little solar panel home. In turn, this also cuts down a bit on our power bill, and as a stay at home Mommy and homemaker, I am constantly looking for ways to ease up on the budget.

Then there are the 'other' benefits. First, I love the smell! Second, I take several short trips outside daily with the kids following like little ducklings. This is better for them, these short spurts of outside time, when the heat is near 100. And, my favorite is that Thomas and Sarah Grace both love to walk under the laundry line when the linens are hanging. They laugh at the way the sheets or towels drag across their heads, and peek-a-boo brings on all new excitement.
Who knew that a piece of smartly hung string could bring so much to a household?

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You almost sound... granola! You hippie mama, you!