Friday, October 31, 2014

The Things They Say...

As we were driving home one afternoon, conversation naturally turned such that I asked this question to all five of my children -

"What is the MOST important thing you're looking for in a spouse?"

"What's a 'spouse'?" asked Anna.

"Your husband or wife."

"Well, I have two most important things.  The first is that she be a Christian and love Jesus and the second is that she's a good cook," came Thomas' answer.

We all giggled as he expounded on what was acceptable when considering cooking skills in his future wife.

"I don't trust ANY man to marry me, Mama!" cried Anna.

And then there really was a lot of laughter from everyone!


"It's just me...Superman!"


In tucking the older two girls in and listening to their prayers, I was entertained by Elizabeth's closing line.
".... and thank you for the Bible and cheese.  Amen."


We were driving home with fresh Krispy Kreme late one night.  We'd been out for some reason, and since we were already on the right-ish side of town, we swung through to grab some yummy doughnuts for breakfast the next morning.

As we drove home, Thomas yawned big and declared, "My body is tired and wants to go to bed."

"My body wants to be waked up and eat doughnuts" came Daniel's pitiful try at getting a doughnut before bed. 

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