Friday, September 12, 2014

Sticky Business

Friday night was late - Joshua and I are all caught up in a series on Netflix and, while we usually don't push our aging limits, it was Friday and the show left us on a cliffhanger we weren't willing to wait another day for.  Next thing we knew, we were hanging off another cliff.

So we watched another episode.

Netflix is the breaker of all resolve.  All those episodes available at the click of a button - no need to wait for a week or even a day.  Just a few seconds while it buffers and your good to go.

All that to say, it was the wee hours of the next day before we crawled into bed... wondering what was going to happen next in our series.

Joshua was amazing and got up with the kids the next morning and I cat napped in the bed until nearly 10AM.  Because I'm a spoiled girl, I am.

When I finally emerged from my room, I was greeted with a slightly worried looking Elizabeth.

"Mommy, Daniel has the glue and he's used it everywhere."

Well, that could mean a lot of things.  It could mean he'd dumped it on his belly and smeared it around. 

Or maybe he poured it all in the potty (he's been known to put weird things in the potties around here). 

It could mean he'd dropped a splotch between several pages of the science book. 

Possibly, he'd poured it in the bag of chips. 

It could mean he'd created a semi-permanent hair-do for himself. 

I mean, really, the possibilities are endless.

The real story?

There were strings and dollops of glue on the floor in the upstairs hallway.  Driplets across the carpet.  Larger blobs in the room he shares with Anna.  Not too terrible.

And then there were the blocks.  The kid went all Lord Business with his bottle of Kragle.  Joshua and I giggled as we sat there with our bowls of hot water and rinsed the glue off the blocks while the kids helped by drying them.

Joshua and I chuckled back and forth but not until we'd firmly spoken to the little stinker about his misdeeds.  And pried out of his sisters WHY there was glue upstairs in the first place.

We walked around double checking to be sure we'd gotten the glue out of the carpet and off the floors and walls.  After swiping a few spots we'd missed, we felt pretty good about closing this case.

Joshua went downstairs and I went off to my room to shower and get ready for the day.  I'd just finished making the bed when I turned to see Elizabeth standing in my doorway with that look on her face again. 

I followed her into her room to see this:

 Just a large pool of glue on a small table.  I was thankful for the ability to just use a paper towel to mop most of it straight into a trash can.  I was also quite thankful it was school glue and came up pretty easily.

And then I went and threw out all the school glue.  We will be a house of glue sticks only until further notice.

That's not overly dramatic, right?

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