Thursday, May 23, 2013

He's Two

And it's so sweet and so fun and so cute!

We went to the grocery store together the other night and he asked "Mama, wat dat?" approximately 7593 times.  Apples, juice, carrots, lettuce, grapes, yogurt, chips, and on the list went.  He waved hello to no less than half the people we passed and yelled good-bye to the ones who engaged with him.

"Mommy, watch!"

And he dances or pretends to sleep or 'jumps' or makes a funny noise.  He grins at me expectantly and I obligingly laugh or clap or whatever seems appropriate.  He beams and heads off to slay the next dragon.

He throws toys just to hear them clatter on the hardwood floor and calls out reassuringly, "Noh bwo!", which is what the older kids can be heard to holler out anytime they drop anything in the general area of the kitchen.  "Nothing's broke!"

He runs right over to me and throws himself around my legs and jets off again.

He tosses two dozen books to the floor looking for just the right one before he sits contentedly for 18 seconds to look at the pictures.  

He crawls up in my lap to sit for just a moment and suck his thumb before slithering down again to chase his brother.

He insists on standing between me and the kitchen cabinets while I try to work.

He stands in the middle of the yard and yells, "Mama!" over and over until I finally say, "Yes, Daniel?"  Then he grins as he pulls up a clump of whatever is growing at his feet and tosses it in my general direction.

At night, he always curls up on his left side, pops his thumb in, and sleeps hard.

These are the things I want to remember about Daniel at freshly two. 

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

He also lacks pants. A sure sign that he's two.