Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Hardest Kind of Teaching

A few weeks ago, I was standing with a group of mama's chatting while we watched our kids roll and romp in the sneak preview of spring with its glorious sunshine.  The kids were all crazy-insane and had to have several reminders on how to act appropriately. 

I called Thomas down and advised him on how to best correct his behavior.  He yes-ma'amed me and went back to playing.  I went back to watching kids run about while listening to the conversation of the other women.

I clenched my teeth as I watched my son do the exact same thing I'd just called him down for and I growled out for him to come see me.  He obediently trotted over, looking somewhat downcast, and stopped in front of me.

I stood there for a moment, breathing and chewing the inside of my lip.  I was just about to speak to Thomas when one of the other mom's nudged me a bit.

Thomas eyed her and seriously said, "Don't interrupt her.  She's talking to Jesus."

There were giggles around me and I cracked a grin because, he was right, I was talking to Jesus, imploring Him for wisdom and patience.

Two weeks later, that same child and I were going 'round about something else.  In exasperation, I called him to me and looked at him while I beseech-ed the Lord for a calm manner, wise and not cutting words, and patience. 

Thomas waited while I wrapped up my little conversation with God and he asked me, "Mom, what do you say to God when you're talking to Him like that?"

"That I won't kill one of you children because I don't look good in orange.", I shot back sarcastically. 

Thomas smiled like the charmer that he is so capable of being and replied, "Well you look pretty good in that orange!" as he indicated the shirt I was wearing.

I giggled and ruffled his hair.  I also told him that his sense of humor and God's faithfulness had just saved his hide!  With the tension of the moment broken, I knew that he knew what he'd been called over for and we just hugged and that was the end of the conversation.

These two stories have brought about much laughter as I've recounted them with others, but they've had me thinking, too.

Do my children realize that I have conversations with God off and on through-out each and every day?  Or do they think that the only time I cry out is when I'm frustrated or sad or need something?  I desperately want to model to them that our God is an every-day, all-in-the-little-things, whatever-is-on-your-heart-I-want-you-to-share-it-with-Me kind of God.

Like many, I've been keeping a notebook to jot down my 1000 Gifts for a couple of years now.  Because of this practice of seeking out the gifts of each day and recording them in a thankful manner, I've become much more aware of the little things that I had so often taken for granted. 

The discipline also encouraged more 'talk time' with the One who gave me the greatest gifts of all...Forgiveness.  Love.  Hope.  More 'talk time' has stirred my heart to a desire to spend more time in the Word.  More time in the Word brings about a hunger to know more about what He has said to us and the beautiful story He has recorded for us to help us to understand more about His heart and what He wants for our lives here on this Earth. 

All because of a attitude of thankfulness. 

The kids have their own 1000 Gifts notebooks now.  I pray I will be better able to show them that our God is a God worth talking to and sharing with and, though He is an ever present help in times of need, He is also good all the time and worthy of our praise, and that he cares about us so much that He wants, longs, for us to choose to chat with Him.

About all of it.  Not just the pleading of a soul-weary Mama.

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