Thursday, March 07, 2013

Essential Oils & More

Joshua and I were just dating when our journey to a naturally healthy lifestyle began.  It started quietly and without our even really being aware of it.  While Joshua was in school to become a computer engineer, I opted to go to massage school.  We lived in different cities and when we visited, I would naturally bubble over about what we were learning in school.  It was fun and interesting and we both found ourselves seeking more. 

Fast forward a few years to after we were married and our first little one came along.  He was prone to ear infections and had super sensitive skin.  The antibiotics for the ear infections and the steroid cream for his eczema were constants in our home.  I kept researching and experimenting with herbs and essential oils, becoming aware of the ingredients in our soaps and lotions,  as well as tweaking our diets with real and whole food choices, and we soon found that the antibiotics could be reserved for bigger illnesses and we could cut out altogether the steroid cream (on our 18 month old!).

In fact, as time went by, we realized that our well visits spectacularly outnumbered our sick visits to our family doctor, even though our family was rapidly growing.  Friends jokingly referred to me as a witch doctor but began calling more and more with questions about how would we handle 'x' issue.

We found we'd accumulated a solid base of knowledge and it was working.  Despite the raised eyebrows and joking words, we continued on.  We were now out on a limb by ourselves in a lot of ways.  It was frustrating and discouraging in ways, but rewarding in others (namely the certainty that we were doing the best we knew how in seeing to our self-care and caring of our growing family).

We're still on that road.  We've still much to learn.  Our journey is no where near complete.

However, if you'd like to benefit from our over 15 years of learning and growing into a more natural lifestyle, email me.  I'd love to help you find the resources you're looking for and just chat with you about life!

One of the natural options I reference most on the blog is essential oils.  We've been using them around here in various ways for over fifteen years.  In fact, I've shared them with hundreds of people and have a team full of folks who love their oils.   If you'd like to know more about the brand I use or more about essential oils in general, email me.  

I'd love to have you join my team and work with me towards building a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, too!  There are lots of folks jumping on the essential oils train these days, so why choose my team?  Simply put, I'm not a newbie.  I know my way around essential oils and I've got a fantastic community of healthy minded people who are ready to welcome you in and help you along.  So go ahead, get in touch.  Let's chat and see what we can do to get you on the road to natural health!

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