Saturday, March 02, 2013


In a fit of Spring Cleaning, I tugged open the table and took the leaf out so I could deal with the nasty crustiness that builds up in the cracks.  I hefted the leaf up and took it to lean it carefully against a wall.  When I returned to the table, something caught my eye.  I knelt down, then headed straight to the living room to stutter to my husband that there was a man-job at hand.

Because I didn't inspect it too closely, but I was concerned that the dark, shadowy thing on the cheese might have life in it.

Turns out it was just meat.

Dear Child of Mine,

I know who you are and now I know where you're stashing your unwanted food stuffs.  Listen to the words of your Wise-To-Your-Wiley-Ways-Mama...I know.  I know!

It is my wish that we never repeat this incident again, yes ma'am, Little One?

Your Mama

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Aubs said...

this is hilarious! (i mean, for me it is...) ;) Don't you just have to wonder what goes through their minds sometimes??! Kids crack me up! =)