Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pajama Day

A major perk of homeschooling is Pajama Day.

I know there are many different schools of though concerning how to prepare for a day of homeschooling.  I know folks who insist that everyone get up and get dressed, families who are relaxed and wear pajamas our lounge pants and t-shirts throughout the week, and I even know a family whose school room is located in renovated shop on their property.  They get dressed and go to school as a family every day.

Now, I don't have any real hard and fast rules concerning dress code.  By default, the kids have to be dressed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We have classes out of the house or teachers coming to the house for various things on those three days.  In fact, on Wednesdays, we leave the house around 10AM and frequently don't come home until closer to 10PM.

By the time Thursday rolls around, we're tuckered out.  We rarely make plans for Thursdays, intentionally keeping things low-key and recovering from the previous couple of days.

And by recovering, I mean a pajama dance party!

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