Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Silver & Gold

When I was a Girl Scout, we often ended our meetings with a song that reminded us to make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.  Our New Year's Eve and New Year's Day has brought that song into sharp focus for me.

New Year's Eve found us hosting a houseful of new friends and their children.  We shared food and laughter and played ridiculous games. We said good-by to the old year with our new friends as we toasted in the new year with the East Coast because we are all finding midnight to be far too late an hour for our sleep deprived bodies: The average age of our combined 14 children is 3.6.

Kidlets playing Minute To Win It games.  Uproarious entertainment for both the kids and their parents!

Which means none of us sleep through the night on a regular basis nor do we have the luxury of sleeping in.

New Year's Day (after we woke up somewhat recovered from the late night) had us traveling to the new home of old friends for a relaxing time of catching up.  Face to face, where Lora and I were able to actually finish conversations that were started over the phone.  Last month. We might have even made fudge and indulged in a bite or two, but not before the masses zeroed in on the smell of chocolate.

Kids olfactory senses are incredible.

Those kids also managed to chaw through an entire 5# bag of cuties.  Vitamin C for the day? Check.

The only picture I took all day was of Daniel sporting Adam's helmet, just before Adam reclaimed it to do his evening chores! 
We've had a wonderful past couple of days hanging out with friends and reflecting on what the old year brought to pass and wondering over what the new year might have in store.  The obstacles, both big and small, that the Lord has walked us through and reveling in His faithfulness, knowing He will continue to hold us as we step forward toward what is to come. 

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