Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Bit of a Getaway

We've never been to the beach as a family.  Sarah Grace has been and last year, Joshua and I made a long weekend together, but as a family, we've never really taken any kind of vacation.

It's kind of hard to do when you add to your family roughly every 12-18 months.

And so it is that we have three of our five children who'd never played in the ocean.  Criminal when you consider we are within easy driving distance.  6 hours.  That's it, folks.  Six measly hours.

With five energetic children.  Which means more than six hours.  How much more depends on your level of preparedness and how many meals you have to work around.  We managed to stuff six hours of drive time into only eight hours.  I'm pretty proud.

But I don't want to write about this trip.  I just want to post pictures.  They say so much more than I can.

LOVED every aspect of the beach!

Who knew she was dealing with pneumonia?

Thomas - usually tail up because the kid loves snorkeling!

Hated it, dealt with it, loved it.
Master castle builder, shell seeker, and wave jumper.
Forgot a family picture
Until next year...

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