Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sarah Grace

Dear Sarah Grace,
Today marks seven years since you left the protection of my body and entered the protection of my arms.  Arms that have loved holding you, reaching to support you while slowly widening their circle around you to allow you more opportunity to grow into the young lady that God is molding you into.

I love how you still call for me over stubbed toes and uncertain tears, while my heart swells with pride when I offer you help and you tell me, 'no, I think I can do it.'

And, more often than not, you do.

I love watching your face animate as you tell me a story from your day.  I wonder at how mature your thoughts and words are becoming.

My favorite heart pictures of you include your bright smile as you play with your siblings and your brows drawn together in concentration as you plow through a book.

You are a delightful girl and I pray that life won't wear down the sweetness that is such a beautiful part of your nature.

I pray many things for you, sweet girl, but mostly that you will continue to place your faith in the One who formed you, the One who knows the perfect plan He has laid out for you.

Happy Birthday, Sarah Grace!  I love you so very much, my Bug.

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