Thursday, May 10, 2012

Square Pegs and Round Holes

I like thrift stores.  It's fun for me to walk into one and wander and poke about.  I gaze at random items that catch my attention and dream of ways to make them pretty in my home.  Or sometimes, they are perfect just the way they are.

Like this little guy... there he was, sitting forlornly.  A round little vase with a dime size hole just begging for some of my lovely pink roses to be popped in for display.  A beautiful steal at forty-nine cents. 

Actually, that odd little pedestal bowl behind the vase came from some thrift store, too.  It was all wooden and dingy and scratched up.  I brought it home, aimed a can of spray paint at it and then lightly distressed it.  It makes me happy.  Currently it's holding a bunch of letters cut from the Cricut, awaiting a project that I can't find time for.

I'm always trying to think outside the box or recall something I've seen on Pinterest.  There are several items in a dresser in the garage waiting for some day when I get to them to gussy them up the way I've imagined.

Sometimes I look at something and put it in a box in my head and can't see past the purpose I've given that particular item.  So when I saw a dozen or so of these little Ikea jars, I immediately thought 'spice jars' and walked away.
However, my Thomas, with his seven year old boy mind, didn't see spice jars at all.  He saw the perfect answer to the current lightening bug dilemma.

"Mom!  Look!  These jars have a place to open so the lightening bugs get air and the other side you can open to let them fly out when your done!"  

Sure enough, the lids opened dually like you would imagine from a spice jar.  One side with little holes and one side to spoon from.  He grinned at me and realized he had made a superb point.  

"Mom, we have to get them!  Pleeeeeeeee-zah???"

 See the two bugs lit up in the two jars to the right? 

 At 45 cents each, we bought half a dozen.  The kids could hardly wait till dusk.  Thomas spotted the first lightening bug and requested the jars.  He and the kids ran around for two hours collecting lightening bugs.  I consider this a fantastic investment!

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?

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