Friday, April 27, 2012

The Best Little Patient Ever

When Anna was very little, we realized that one of her eyes 'cried' all the time.  The little tear that sat on her cheek became something of a trademark.  We were told by the pediatrician that most children grow out of their clogged tear ducts by their first birthday.

After her 1 year check up, the pediatrician said that it was still highly probable that the tear duct would correct by age 3.  At her 2 year check up, he asked if it bothered her and did we want to do a simple surgical procedure to correct her clogged tear duct.  We declined, wanting to give her body every chance to self-correct and not have to put her under anesthesia.

Her third birthday came and went, and we finally opted to go ahead with the surgery.  Winter chapped her constantly wet cheek, spring made her eye gummy, summer made it water more.  We just decided it was time.

Three days ago we took the kids to Granny's house to spend the night, bringing only Anna home with us.  She kept us in stitches all the way home, par for Anna.  She is a words of encouragement kind of gal.

"Daddy, yo da best drwiver.  Yo better dan Mommy."

Joshua looked at me and grinned wickedly while he thanked his daughter for her wonderful observation skills.

"You don't let yo hair show when you drwive.  Dat's why yo a good drwiver."

We honestly tried not to laugh too loudly, but I don't know how well we did.

We got home and went to bed later than we should have only to be awakened much earlier than we like.  We had to have our little one to the surgery center by 6AM, an hour I usually leave for morning enthusiasts, of which I'm not. 

Anna was brave and somewhat excited about being 'surgeried'.  She took her current favorite stuffed animal and we were on our way.  She was somewhat subdued as we entered the lobby, then turned into a lap baby when we took her back to put her little hospital gown on her and talk to the different doctors.  We prayed with her and watched cartoons with her.

When they came to actually take her away from us, she screamed loudly and cried pitifully.  The nursing staff all came to a stand still as the anesthesiologist carried her down the hall, the nurse pushing her bed behind them.

I made my way to a chair in the lobby and did my best not to sob.  I prayed for comfort and peace for my Anna and my Mommy heart.  About the time I got myself pulled together, a nurse poked her head out and called for us.

It was all done!  We went back to a small room where they brought a bleary-eyed Anna to us.  She reached for me and I folded her into my arms, waiting for the crazy to hit.

Having had all of our children having to wake up from anesthesia before, I expected tears and screaming.  They're just to young to understand the oddities of how anesthesia makes you feel.

Anna snuggled into my arms and glared at the different nurses who came through to ask if they could do anything.  She had neither tears nor smiles until, at last, a nurse offered her a green popsicle or a pink popsicle.

"Gween's my fave-wit!"

Once she ate the popsicle and proved she could keep fluids down, they let us go.  Anna requested food and we went to Chick-Fil-A, another Anna favorite.

She chatted and giggled and nobody would ever have guessed the kid had just had surgery and was under the influence of anesthesia.  She was excited about all the things we could do that day, just she and I.  She pouted for a second or two when I suggested a nap (for her sake as much as mine!), but was happy to curl up next to me.

It was two hours before I woke up and another two hours after that before she stirred.

She is fine now, her eye healing.  I'll admit to being a bit of a worst case scenario type person, so my heart is so light that the Lord protected my sweet Anna through her surgery and she is bright-eyed and in my arms.

My heart was also very gladdened by how the other kids checked in on their sister as soon as they arrived home.  Elizabeth was not to be content until she could hug and hold her little sister.  I love how the Lord has given them such special relationships!

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