Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Anna. The kid is a regular comedian. I'm pretty sure all three year olds are funny, but she is my three year old. And this is my blog. So she is the three year old I experience and take Motherly pride in writing about.

Now that we've established the pecking order..

As she spins in drunk circles laughing and shrieking, she loves to inform me, "I'm making the house dizzy, Mamma! The house is getting dizzy! Woah, woah! This is making the room tilt!"

Tilt? What? What three year old says 'tilt'?

Speaking of spinning, the child has definite opinions on fashion. In her eyes, any dress that 'doesn't spin co-wect', that is fully twirl about, is not acceptable.

Sarah Grace came through rubbing her eye the other day. "Mommy, my eye hurts." (thank you, pollen season) Anna was hot on her tail rubbing her eye, "Mamma, my other eye hurts."

Several years ago my kids were gifted with Ozzie. He came complete with a tub or two of colored bath drops. I thought we had used them all up until I unearthed some when we moved into the house. I stashed them back into a dark corner of the bathroom cabinet and waited for a rainy day.

Which is to say I forgot about them. However, I'm on a purging spree in the house and I ran across the little tub again. In an effort to convince Anna to play in the bathtub so I could get something done bathe, I dropped a few in the water. I walked out of the bathroom as she oohed and aahed over her 'peh-pull wad-uh'.

Today I plopped her in and she glared at me. "Where's my pweddy wad-er, Mamma?" she fairly accused me.

I turned around and grabbed two drops out of the jar and tossed them in.

"Mamma! It looks like my pee-pee in da poh-dy!"

Sure enough, I'd dropped in a yellow and an orange. Gone was the lovely lavender she had luxuriated in a few days ago. It'd been replaced by, well, pee-pee yellow.

But it didn't stop her from playing in it.

She did inform me that she wasn't going to drink any of it.

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