Friday, January 13, 2012

Of Cold Weather and Inside Entertainment

It's been rainy this week. We've been inside.

A lot.

And then it went and got cold. I don't like being cold, so my Little Man showed off his mad skillz and built a fire for me. He's been working with his Daddy and has learned to build a pretty good fire. He adores tending the fire, building up the coal bed, adding more fuel, and manning the billows.

We're keeping warm. Thanks, Thomas!!

Another favorite rainy day activity is playing with the camera. Below are each child's favorite picture they took this week.

Sarah Grace captured her brothers wrestling on the couch. I'm pretty sure Daniel won. He's got his brother completely wrapped!

Thomas professes his love for our mantle every time I change it. Currently he can't decide if he likes my growing paper whites or the valentines hearts more.

Elizabeth chose to take a few (dozen) pictures of her little sister. Anna hammed it up and enjoyed the attention.

And Anna...she 'likes mhy feet because they're up in da air all waggley!'

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