Monday, January 09, 2012

It's Like We Should Just Give Kids Boxes Instead of Gifts

I epiphany-ed. I asked for your help. I agonized. I made decisions. I dove in and did it.

And the school room is more or less complete. It's cozy, it's functional, it puts everything in one place. We love it!

Books and crafting supplies are within easy reach for little hands. Rather than being stuffed in a closet, the games are out in the open and we find ourselves engaged in gaming and puzzling so much more. The school table is open on all four sides, a wonderful change from having one side pressed up against the wall. The room is bright and cheery without being pre-school primary.

We really do like being in there. One would think that with such a nice table top to have as a work area, the kids would craft right up there on top of it.

But nooooo...

...they'd much prefer to be under the table.

As least I cleaned out from under it.

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