Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obviously I Wasn't A Boy Scout

Several months ago (as in I was still pregnant with Daniel), I was asked to help with a 'Decorate on a Dime' event that a lady at our church is heading up. When she asked, I snorted and waited for the punch line, y'all.

You see, I have ideas about what I want to do, but our budget says that I have to do a lot of these things slowly. In an effort to speed things along, I have learned to refinish furniture to suit my sense of style. I have also learned that I really enjoy doing these kinds of things.

But the sanding and priming and staining and painting and wood filling and sanding and waxing and sanding of furniture takes time, a precious commodity around here. My people still want to eat every day. More than once, even! And my husband expects clean underwear in his drawers. And we home-school our children.

Point is, if you walk into my house and notice it looks disjointed, it's generally because I just haven't gotten to that project yet. And I am a little particular...I would rather have nothing than have something that is just a place filler. This might explain why only three of the nineteen windows in my home have curtains...

So way back when my friend Allison (who is an incredible home decorator, by the way) asked me to do this, I said, "Sure! That sounds like fun!" (after I recovered from the lady-like snorting, of course.)

The event is tomorrow night. I have 33 hours and eighteen minutes to be ready for this presentation. And sixty-eleven projects going at once.

I meant to complete some of the stuff I was working on before Daniel was born and tackle a few more projects. I wanted to Be Prepared and have time to get all beautified before the presentation. But time got away from me. Newborn, laundry, food, and school among other things vied for my attention. So now it's crunch time and here I sit blogging.

On the other hand, I've got some good before and after pictures that I may get around to posting to the ol' blog. One of these days. Maybe. Perhaps.

I make no promises. Now I'm off to add another coat of paint to something...