Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Lovely Rescue

She was all alone, unloved and unwated. Her once maple colored finish was dull and dingy. She seemed to slouch into her surroundings, begging to be noticed, yet desperately trying to fade into the background.

But I saw her. She was perfect. Her lines were lovely and feminine. She was strong, despite the lack of care she'd been given. It was simply a matter of asking price. When the yard sale owner quoted me the price, I tried not to grin like a loon. I simply pulled the $5 dollar bill from my wallet, handed it over, picked up my beauty, and took her home with me.

She sat in the garage holding other yard sale treasures until her big day came at last. I popped the back off and then sanded her just a bit. Her new home was to be in the girl's room, so I painted her with a bright, cheery yellow to compliment the colors in the girls room. I took her backside inside and measured for her new dress. Then I cut the fabric and mod-podged it into place. Once dry, I put her all back together and she sat in the living room for a couple of weeks to cure.

And here she sits in all her glory. She is lovely and loved and stands proudly, waiting to see what her little ladies choose to adorn her shelves with.

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