Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Another Day

Life is entertaining. Truly.

Y'all remember Doo-Doo? He's resurfaced again. With one of his buddies in tow. Anna is beyond thrilled. The day she found her beloved friend, she carried him all over the house with her. Some of her other favorite toys are little felted wool fruits and foods that I ordered from here for Christmas last year. Among those foods are strawberries, potatoes, cookies, bananas, and peas in a pod. Now that you have all that information...

Anna was quietly playing with her toys on top of the coffee table when I noticed she kept contorting her little body at odd angles.

"Anna, do you need to go potty?"

"No, I need to play with my Doo-Doo."

*commence giggling*

"Well, honey, let's leave Doo-Doo there and go potty real quick. He'll wait for you."

"Okay...", but she paused. Gathering up her two favorite toys, she carefully duck-walked over to me. At this point, I could tell she really needed to go pee, but she had to take care of first things first. "Mommy, will you hold my Doo-Doo and my peas for me while I go to da poddy?"

I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't do it. I'm really very juvenile that way. I was also Mommy enough to agree through my giggles, hold the toys, and carry her to the bathroom before we both got wet.

And since we're on the topic of bodily functions, I've got another one for ya. I usually leave this kind of sordid thing for other people to talk about, but occasionally a Mama's just gotta share.

Daniel is such a good natured baby. He's a little co-dependent, even for a baby. The kid does not know how to be alone. And rightly so. His siblings are in his face all.the.time. Rarely does the child get to breath fresh air because some-little-body is hovering 6 to 18 inches over his sweet little face. However, he seems to prefer to live life this way.

So when I changed his diaper the other day and tossed a towel over his boy parts so as not to have an indoor sprinkler and then walked away for a few minutes, it came as no surprise when he started fussing after a minute or so. I was in the dining room helping one of the older two kids with a math problem that had them stumped and I knew where the little girls were, so I wasn't concerned about Daniel and his fussing. He was just lonely.

Or so I thought.

When I wrapped up things with Thomas and Sarah Grace, I rounded the corner back into the living room where I had left Daniel laying on the floor. He had managed to flip onto his belly (a feat he doesn't accomplish with any ease at all) and was on the bare wood floor. And not happy about it. I laughed and talked to him as I walked over to him. As I neared, I realized that there was a less than pleasant aroma wafting from his general vicinity.

The little towel had been useless. The kid hadn't peed. He'd rolled over, and in his effort to roll, he had projected poop all over the floor and up the wall. Not even a drop on his little bottom. Clean as a whistle.

Believe me when I say I diapered that there boy up quickly just in case he wasn't done. Then I set about the business of cleaning.