Monday, August 15, 2011

Thomas at 7

Hello 7!

Why does this seem like such a turning point age? In my head, this is a milestone birthday. It ranks right up there with five and fifteen and twelve and twenty-four.

I know, I have some random ones in there, but those are landmark ages. I don't know why. But fear not, I have shared those random genes with offspring numbering five now. You have decades of crazy to enjoy it, soak it in, revel.

Enough about me, yes? Look at this giant man-child!

Yes, he does tend toward the silly. It is his trademark. Sometimes it leaves us rolling our eyes. Other times it makes us smile. And frequently, very frequently, his antics have us laughing out loud, occasionally even when we are trying to be serious. The kid was born for drama and cameras and an audience. It's his happy place, I do believe.

Despite his request for a football cake (hello? did I ever pull some easy cake duty this year!!) he's not too terribly sports oriented. He likes buttons and wires and gadgets and hammers and nails and fresh wood.

Happy Birthday, Thomas! You are an awesome son and an amazing big brother to your sisters and Daniel! We love you so much!!

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The Farmer Files said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas! I had NO IDEA our sons are so close in age!!! My eldest has a birthday Aug 16!!!