Friday, May 27, 2011

On Forgetting

The week, it's over. I have nothing to show for it except that all my people are alive and well.

I can't remember from one day to the next what is going on. What I did yesterday. What I might be supposed to do today.

It's this part of the Newborn Fog that I blissfully forget after each child is born.

The part where I gaze at my husband and wonder if we still speak the same language.

The part where I listen to my kids and wonder how it is that they have gotten so big and where did that intellect come from anyway?

The part where I look at the pile of crumpled clothes in the basket and can't remember if they are clean and unfolded or dirty and discarded.

The part where I all but drop all communications with friends because I can barely find time to breath, never mind have an actual phone conversation or a visit.

The part where I read the same page in a book forty-eleven times before I lay it aside, finally realizing that I have no idea how to digest the written word.

The part where every time I look in my closet, I wonder what will fit today.

The part where I gaze into my new baby's eyes and forget any frustrations that were nagging at me just two seconds ago.

Yes, forgetfulness can be a good thing.



Anonymous said...

Oh man I remember those days....Wonderful post...

Joyce said...

ooooo I completely forgot about all of that!

Gaby said...

The lack of sleep will do that to you. It's hard when you forget if you've washed the clothes, but it is sweet when you forget it all to care for that tiny infant.

The Farmer Files said...

I hope you don't forget to nap when you can...even for 15 or 20 minutes. And don't forget to take pictures or where you put your camera. Ha. :)