Friday, May 06, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With

Motherhood should come with a stunt double. The one who gets to run around and wipe rear-ends, clean up the spilled drinks, catch the runny noses, cope with the sick children, and do all the dirty laundry.

Motherhood should come with a set of Cliff Notes. To tell you when to actually be worried about little ailments, when to listen to the very young doctor and when to tune him out. To inform you of the little things that will catch you off guard. You know, the things that Nobody Ever Tells You.

Motherhood should come with a twitch of the nose to change from the snot streaked, lunch left-overs, ponytail look into a trendy ensemble and naturally beautiful coiffe on a moments notice. Like when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. And it wouldn't hurt if the house just ship-shaped all by it's lonesome, either.

Motherhood should come with a sense of humor. The ability to laugh at yourself and allow your kids to laugh with you. To remember that they are only 'insert age here' years old and that things are viewed through a different lense.

Motherhood should come with open arms. To hold tightly to little wiggly bodies who crave our attention now. To soothe tears and torments. To grab it all up now, while it lasts...

Motherhood should come with a perfect memory of the good, and a perfect forgetfulness of the not so good. So we never forget these moments that matter and we never remember the trials that really are trivial.


Oh, but I could go on and on and on...

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