Friday, March 04, 2011

When I Look In The Mirror I See

....freckles. They have been a bother to me since somewhere around sixth grade or so when I first really took notice of boys and became interested in make-up. (If you wondering, make-up does not cover this kind of freckle density) From my forehead to my toes, freckles. They don't bother me much these days. I have long since made peace with the way the Creator sprinkled me, and the freckles, they are just old friends

I see a crooked smile, a slight scar on the bridge of my nose, and a mole on my chin. I see hair that used to be red and has been changed over many pregnancies. I miss the red, but I wouldn't trade my precious children for that burst of color.

I see a belly that is rounding out in the final weeks of pregnancy and I wonder about this life who is growing inside. Who is it? What will this child be like and what will they see when they look in the mirror?

I see a woman where once a very awkward girl used to be. A soul saved from Hell, and an odd peace that stole it's way into my life when I finally set my pride aside. Where there was once uncertainty of my role in the world, there is assurance and contentment in the wonderful role of Kingdom Child, Help-meet, Motherhood. Where there once resided...

Times up.

Wow. Five minutes flies fast! Check out Gypsy Mama's site for other folks who took up the prompt for this weeks Five Minute Friday. And make sure to check out Robin's site. It's from her that I have followed the Five Minute Friday posts and finally decided to leap in!


Lindsey V said...

I am one of those freckled girls too...all over! It's funny because I was actually looking today at my face, and I realized that my freckles were fading. AND I was sad because I think they helped me to look "younger than my age".

You look so cute with your baby belly!

The Farmer Files said...

This was wonderful. I loved being pregnant. I have freckles, too but mine generally get covered with make up. I always wished to be a red head with green eyes. Two of my cabbage patch dolls were red heads. I skipped starting this meme this week because really all of my thoughts are about my 18 month post partum body when I look in the mirror.

thegypsymama said...

"I see a belly that is rounding out in the final weeks of pregnancy and I wonder about this life who is growing inside." You and me both!

We have a little less than three weeks to go and I can NOT wait to meet this little girl, this daughter, who I'm sure will turn this house of testosterone upside down!

Thanks for linking up!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I have a deep-seated need to pat your belly. Come see me soon?

Memum said...

I wanna pat the belly-talk to the belly-see the baby (it is a cute baby belly tho!!)