Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Campers

This past Friday, Joshua took off work and readied himself and the supplies. Just after lunch, he loaded up Thomas, Sarah Grace, and Elizabeth for an overnight camping trip to Buck's Pocket.

Upon arriving, they worked to get camp set up and then did a little exploring. Thomas found an old tire that he deemed necessary for the camp-site as a place to keep their shoes. Joshua says it was actually pretty hard work, wrestling the tire from across the creek in some bushy area. He was pretty proud of Thomas for working hard and not giving up, even though by the end, you can see the weariness on Thomas' face.

The crew went hiking and there is a picture in here that I am afraid to ask questions about. It's my three oldest children barefoot and wading in a creek. In March. I refuse to ever again acknowledge this.

Joshua is incredibly brave. This is not his first camping trip with the kiddos. He takes them out at least once a year. Just him, the tent, the food stuffs, and some kids. He has taken Thomas and Sarah Grace, even when they were both in diapers. And he cooks real meals over the skillet. Not just PB&J sandwiches. The man is a saint.

This was Elizabeth's first camping experience. I think she's a fan.

All of these adventures were crammed into Friday afternoon and evening. The story goes that the kids stayed up until 9:30 or so and enjoyed making s'mores before they were bundled off to their sleeping bags. The plan was to break camp after breakfast and then spend the morning hiking about and what not, eat lunch, and then head home.


It rained. A lot. Joshua wound up carrying the children to the truck at about 6 in the morning while be quickly wadded up all the wet stuff and tossed it into the back of the truck.

Then they got home and we made it through lunch before we all fell asleep for three hours. All of us. It was beautiful.

P.S. - The camera is still lost. These pictures are courtesy of Joshua's iPhone.

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