Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Changing of Seasons

Spring is in full bloom. I have lamented the lack of buttercups in our yard but resolved to remedy that for next year. Next Spring, I intend to have hundreds of buttercups and tulips gracing our yard, ready to be picked and bundled into bouquets by the sweet hands of my children.

The weather is warming up and my girls are reveling in the wearing of sundresses and sandals, while Thomas is thrilled to be in shorts.

I have tossed the doors and windows open wide for the purposes of airing out and freshening up.

And I am on a full-blown decorating and rearranging kick. Of course, this could be due to the whole nesting syndrome.

For I am in full bloom, too.

Oh yes, change is in the air!

In just six-ish weeks, our family will grow by yet another set of feet. Precious little, soft baby feet. I am anxious to meet this new gift, to know if the Babe is a he or a she. For Joshua and I to settle on a name. To kiss a fuzzy, newborn head and inhale the scent of heavens perfection in creating life.

Changes are just around the corner. Adjusting to being a family of seven rather than six. New schedules and different demands. Reassuring each of the treasured children that are in this home that their place in my heart and their Daddy's heart has not been altered, but that our hearts have simply grown to accommodate another blessing.

Soon, so soon, I look forward to showing off the Babe and sharing our adventures as an even bigger family. Soon, so soon, I will share the new change of season and all it holds!

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